Christmas 2021 Product Developement

I’m working hard on getting our Christmas brochure for 2021 ready. And this year, it’s all about the black forrest. 

One of the perks of the job is Product development, a time I get to unleash my creativity and create some really fabulous prototypes. Of course, being able to produce our products to the highest of standard is always a factor to consider, especially with deliveries and for our customers to be able to get home safely.

Christmas development turn around times are tight, we’ve been getting messages daily asking about our Christmas range from the end of September but with large orders for our industrial customers taking precedence, I’ve got less than a week to make, photograph, edit, create our brochure, get it printed and on the website. 

One of my favourites this year is the candy cane novelty cake design. With layers of red and white sponge, bright red drip, multi coloured sprinkles and Christmas characters, it hits the brief of delicious (same recipe as our highly rated rainbow cake) and cute. It’s adaptable depending on the gathering, For a more grown up cake, the characters can be left off and our Christmas macarons added. 

Bec x

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    1. Hi 🙂 Our Cake, cupcakes and tarts are vegetarian friendly, our patisserie isn’t. When I list them on the website for ordering I’ll put veggie friendly/not suitable on the descriptions x

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