Sian Hindle, Managing Director

Sian Hindle is the extraordinary Managing Director of La Creme Patisserie. From humble beginnings in her kitchen, Sian has transformed her passion for baking into a flourishing enterprise, now operating from a 10,000 sqft factory, making 50,000 pieces of cake every week and supplying these delicious creations to prestigious venues, hotels, and events across the UK.

Sian is a master of her craft, excelling in chocolate work, mirror glazing, and plant-based patisserie and is also an innovative leader. She inspires her team to strive for perfection, every single piece of cake made in her kitchen has to be perfect for her customers.

What makes Sian truly exceptional is her dedication to empowering others. She is an advocate for women in business and tirelessly supports young talent in the bakery industry. Her generous spirit extends to the local community, where she contributes to numerous charities with prize donations, making a meaningful impact.

Sian Hindle is an inspiration to us all, demonstrating that with passion, skill, and a big heart, anything is possible. Here’s to celebrating Sian’s remarkable journey and her continuous efforts to uplift those around her.